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Perception Matters!  Looking for ways to improve employee and guest satisfaction? Struggling to find the perfect solution to complement traditional cleaning and disinfection regimens?

Microshield 360™ is the premier antimicrobial coating system that creates an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of bacteria and virus, prevent mold growth and odors from forming.  safeHands™ and  Zylast XP™ are each best-in-class premium hand sanitizers.

"We partnered with Microshield 360™ to protect the surfaces within our planes and facilities. The decision gave our owners and pilots peace of mind that Flexjet took a proactive and innovative approach to their safety."  
Megan Wold - COO, Flexjets

Powered By Pure Hearts, Inc. was founded in the midst of New York's coronavirus pandemic, to spearhead what would become a 7-day-a-week fight to protect businesses, but even more importantly to protect our schools, medical infrastucture, transportation infrastructure, food supply infrastructure, houses of worship and elder care -- the institutions which are the very fabric of our society.  Together with our team of dedicated real estate agents, we formed a network of contacts with which we work, to help our tough New Yorkers get back to their work, while mentoring the next generation. Our mission is to lift them into a position to be better equipped for survival during this time of global turmoil.